Learn what Voice is and how it is changing business

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Get this overview to learn about the landscape and language of Voice so you're familiar with the terms, devices, and current trends. We'll also share use cases and case studies to help you start seeing how Voice can help your business. 
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Here's what you'll learn in Voice 101 For Business

In this overview, we'll cover a range of topics all focused on Voice. Everything from what is meant by Voice and artificial intelligence to understanding how Voice is changing business and behaviors. We'll also touch on the implications of Voice on your business and how you can get started. 

Questions we'll answer:

  • What is Voice?
  • ​Why is it so significant?
  • ​Why is it compelling to consumers?
  • ​Why is it compelling to business?
  • ​How is it changing behaviors?
  • ​What can I do about it?

Who is this course for?

This course was created to help marketers, founders, strategists, and user experience professionals:
  • Understand the landscape of Voice
  • ​Discover how you can take advantage of the opportunity 
  • Learn how brands are using Voice experiences to engage their audiences

Voice 101 For Business is your shortcut for learning the basics!

Voice masters is a collaboration between vixen labs and pragmatic digital
Voice Masters online is an education platform created by world leaders in the voice industry; Vixen Labs and Pragmatic Digital to help you and your business get ready for voice.

James Poulter

CEO - Vixen Labs

Jen Heape

CCO - Vixen Labs

Susan Westwater

CEO - Pragmatic Digital

Scot Westwater

CCO - Pragmatic Digital

Kane Simms

Host, VUX World

Suze Cooper

Voice Content Strategist - Vixen Labs

"Voice Masters provides a best-in-class educational experience for those looking to get started with voice tech and AI in 2020. Highly recommended."

- Bradley Metrock, CEO, Score Publishing, Founder of Project Voice

"Nicely done. Learn from the best, this is a great collaboration."

- Pete Erickson, Founder of Modev, producer of spinnakersummit.com and VOICESummit.ai

"Learn how to be a voice master taught by people actually qualified to teach. Hats off to James, Jennifer, Susan, Scot, Kane, and Suze for having the foresight to address what is a scarce (and desperately needed!) resource."

- Spokedaily: 02-02-20 

Want to use Voice but don't know where to start? 

Watch our Voice 101 for Business
to get the basics. 

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