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What is Voice Masters?
Voice Masters online is a education platform created by experts in the voice technology industry, to get you and your business voice ready.
Discover what’s needed to create a voice experience that will meet your customers needs, while satisfying your business objectives.

Each cohort is limited to just 15 students, so we can support you as you build a solid voice strategy for your brand or business.


A Primer on the Who, What, and Why of Voice 

Learn what Voice is, why it's a big deal and the ways it can help brands meet audience needs while satisfying business objectives.  
Voice masters is a collaboration between vixen labs and pragmatic digital
Voice Masters brings together experts from world leaders in the voice industry; Vixen Labs and Pragmatic Digital.

James Poulter

CEO - Vixen Labs

Jen Heape

CCO - Vixen Labs

Susan Westwater

CEO - Pragmatic Digital

Scot Westwater

CCO - Pragmatic Digital

Kane Simms

Host, VUX World

Suze Cooper

Voice Content Strategist - Vixen Labs

Nicely done. Learn from the best, this is a great collaboration.

Pete Erickson

Founder of Modev, producer of and

"Voice Masters provides a best-in-class educational experience for those looking to get started with voice tech and AI in 2020. Highly recommended."

Bradley Metrock

CEO, Score Publishing, Founder of Project Voice

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