A Primer on the Who, What, and Why of Voice 
Learn what Voice is, why it's a big deal and the ways it can help brands meet audience needs while satisfying business objectives.  
What is Voice Masters?
Voice Masters online is a education platform created by experts in the voice technology industry, to get you and your business voice ready.
Discover what’s needed to create a voice experience that will meet your customers needs, while satisfying your business objectives.


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Wednesday, May 27th - 12PM Eastern (5PM BST)

Join the Voice Masters team and special Guest Colleen Fahey (Author of Audio Branding & US Managing Director, Sixième Son) for a free AMA where we answer your questions about what sonic branding is, why you need a sonic brand system, and how to get one.

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Voice masters is a collaboration between vixen labs and pragmatic digital
Voice Masters brings together experts from world leaders in the voice industry; Vixen Labs and Pragmatic Digital.
Get the guide to adding Voice to your digital marketing strategy
Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Experiences combines a foundational knowledge of brand and marketing strategy, digital strategy, content strategy, and user experience with a deep understanding of Voice and its impact. That understanding is the result of a dedication to learning about Voice for the past few years through reading, research, workshops, interviews and conferences.
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Wednesday, May 27th - 12PM Eastern (5PM BST)

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